Aquaculture Business Development Programme

ABDP is a programme jointly funded  by the Government of Kenya and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). The geographical scope is 15 Counties with high aquaculture potential.

Programme Components

Component 1

Smallholder Aquaculture Development

Expected Outcome : To improve the production and productivity as well as the food security and diet quality of smallholder farmers.

Component 2

Aquaculture Value Chain Development

Expected Outcome : Improving the efficiency of the whole aquaculture value chain with a concentration of programme efforts and resources on operations.

Component 3

Project Management, Monitoring And Evaluation

Expected Outcome : Supporting seamless implementation of activities in the mutually dependant technical components.

Our Activities

The Programme Development Objective is to increase the incomes, food security and nutritional status of the wider communities of poor rural households involved in aquaculture in the targeted Counties. In line with our Development objective, the Overall Goal of ABDP is Reduced poverty and increased food security and nutrition in rural communities, as shown by improved dietary diversity though different activities and initiatives.

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