NORAD Grant Awarded to ABDP for Enhanced Project Financing

NORAD Grant Implementation

The Advancing Resilient and Nutrition-Sensitive Smallholder Aquaculture (ARNSA) initiative, made possible through funding from a NORAD grant, is set to be implemented across three counties: Vihiga, Nyeri, and Migori.

The ARNSA programme represents a comprehensive effort to enhance aquaculture practices in Kenya while promoting resilience, inclusivity, and sustainable development within the sector. Through targeted interventions and strategic partnerships, it aims to drive positive change and unlock the full potential of aquaculture as a key driver of economic growth and food security.

NORAD implementation. Vihiga County
NORAD implementation. Vihiga County

Key outcomes and actions

Smallholder Aquaculture Productivity Resilience

  • Implement targeted interventions to enhance productivity and resilience for small-scale aquaculture operations.
  • Strengthen technical support and capacity building for smallholder farmers.

Increased Opportunities for Youth and Women

  • Innovate market approaches, including the establishment of smart kiosks, to empower youth and women.
  • Foster collaboration with Aquaculture Service Enterprises (ASEs) as focal points for these initiatives.
NORAD implementation. Vihiga County. Ground Visit
NORAD implementation. Vihiga County. Ground Visit

Knowledge and Policy Development

  • Contribute to informed policies and practices in the aquaculture sector.
  • Review and enhance existing nutritional booklets to address emerging issues.

Baseline Survey

  • Conduct a baseline survey, with a specific focus on Vihiga County, to guide programme interventions.

Internship Program

  • Onboard students along the aquaculture value chain as interns for 6 months to support kiosk sustainability.

Clear Indicators and Outcomes

  • Develop a logical framework for monitoring and evaluation, ensuring specific targets and measurable outcomes.