Empowering Youth in Aquaculture: The Success Story of Kaskon Samwel

This story highlights the journey of Kaskon Samwel, a youth champion fish farmer from Likuyani Sub-county, Kakamega County, Kenya. Kaskon is a beneficiary of the Aquaculture Business Development Programme (ABDP) and has made significant progress in his aquaculture venture since joining the program in 2020.


Aquaculture Business Development Programme (ABDP) is an initiative aimed at empowering young farmers in Kakamega County, Kenya. Kaskon Samwel, a resident of the Likuyani sub-county, became a beneficiary of this program in 2020. With the program’s support, Kaskon has made significant strides in his fish farming business, establishing himself as a youth champion in the field.

Program Intervention:

ABDP provided Kaskon with essential resources to kickstart his fish farming enterprise. He received fingerlings, fish feeds, and a pond liner, enabling him to set up and maintain a successful fish pond.

Farming Success:

Since joining the program, Kaskon has harvested a total of 120 kgs of fish, valued at KES 48,000. The profits earned from his harvests have been wisely reinvested to enhance his farming operations and increase his income.

Expansion and Restocking:

Kaskon utilized the funds generated from his fish harvests to expand his existing pond. With this expansion, he has created additional space for more fish, thereby increasing his production capacity. Furthermore, he has consistently restocked his pond to maintain a healthy and productive fish population.

Diversification and Livelihood Enhancement:

The profits generated by Kaskon’s fish farming venture allowed him to diversify his income sources. He used a portion of his earnings to purchase four hews and two rams,  which provide an additional stream of income through livestock farming.  This diversification strategy has not only improved Kaskon’s financial stability but has also enhanced the sustainability of his overall farming enterprise.

Active Engagement and Knowledge Sharing:

Kaskon actively participated in stakeholder validation events organized by the ABDP. Notably, he attended the Aquaculture Strategy, Regulation, and Guidelines conference held at Goshen Hotel in Eldoret in 2022. His involvement in such events showcases his commitment to advancing the aquaculture sector and highlights his role as a youth champion within the industry.

Entrepreneurial Skills and Community Support:

Kaskon’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident through his establishment of two Aquaculture Support Enterprises: Amani Youth Group and  Mwanga  Youth  Group.  These enterprises focus on constructing fish ponds for fellow farmers, providing valuable services to the local community while creating employment opportunities for the youth.


Kaskon Samwel’s journey as a youth champion fish farmer demonstrates the transformative impact of the Aquaculture Business  Development  Programme  (ABDP).  Through the provision of essential resources, knowledge sharing, and opportunities for engagement, Kaskon has not only achieved remarkable success in his own fish farming venture but has also contributed to the growth and development of the aquaculture sector in Kakamega County. His entrepreneurial endeavors and community support serve as an inspiration for other aspiring youth farmers and highlight the potential for sustainable livelihoods in aquaculture.

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