Aquaculture sector enabling environment and support services

Objective :

This Subcomponent will strengthen the overall enabling environment needed for the sustained development of the sector. The Programme would promote any proposed business plans with potential competitive advantages that either have an integral role for smallholder producers or can be shown to benefit small- and micro-scale operators through input cost reductions, marketing opportunities or other services.

This will be achieved through :

Policy engagement

ABDP will facilitate policy review and advocacy to improve policy practices at the National and County levels.

Public infrastructure

Upgrading of inland fish marketing infrastructure under the responsibility of local authorities

Extension services

Sufficient capacity is installed in national institutions to deliver strong vocational training for future field staff. (RIAT, Sagana)

Aquaculture research

The Programme will commission qualified state and private institutions to conduct scientific and technical research activities linked to ABDP objectives.

Quality assurance services

The Programme would facilitate the development of a credible National quality and safety monitoring system to consolidate advances in the conduct of domestic trade and open up opportunities for exporting aquaculture fisheries products.

Fish health and surveillance services

ABDP will assist GoK in addressing an important weakness in the public sector supporting small-scale aquaculture and fisheries in general, namely the lack of effective fish health and surveillance services.

Financial services

The Programme will work to ensure that the Subsector increases its attractiveness and creditworthiness to financial institutions and investment funds